allGeo Route Optimization(beta) feature helps you determine the optimal route along all your destinations (for deliveries, sales calls etc).   The feature works by calculating your optimal route from an ORIGIN, to a set of WAYPOINTS (or Stops), to the final DESTINATION.  

You can add the 'origin', 'destination' and the 'waypoints' in bulk (via .csv upload) or manually to the get the optimized route.   Here's how: 

Go to the Routing page

On the Routing page, there are 2 ways to configure the stops:  Manually or via CSV bulk upload

Adding Stop Points manually (Origin, Destination & Waypoints)


On the Routing page, Enter the Origin (Palo Alto as seen in the screen example below)


Add Waypoint(s) and click on 'Add Location' button. Just repeat the step to add multiple waypoints and the waypoints gets listed below.  You can add upto 25 points (including the origin & destination).  To remove a waypoint, select the 'waypoint' and hit the 'Remove Selected' button.


Enter the Destination.  For round trips, the same origin and destination needs to be listed (Palo Alto as seen in the screen example below)

Once done, hit the 'Get Optimized Route' button.  

Adding Points in bulk via .csv (Origin, Destination & Waypoints)

In a .csv file (download from here), you can list the points in one-per-line format.  The first listed point will be considered as the 'Origin' and the last listed point will be considered as 'destination' and everything in between will be considered as 'waypoints'. Once done, hit the 'Get Optimized Route' button.  

Optimized Route:

Once you have uploaded the Waypoints, the system will return the optimized routes along covering all your Stops.  

The system will display the optimized route in the map (image below), and as well as an auto download of .csv file will begin.  The routes will be listed as Stop A, Stop B ... on the map view.  

The downloaded CSV file will contain the list of sorted Waypoints (route segments) which you can share with your employees via email OR text.  (Download a sample file from here)

  1. Please note:  We currently do not have the feature of emailing or texting the optimized route to the employees' phone.  This has to be via your email account.

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