allGeo offers a unique zero-touch mobile time clocking feature to automatically check-in and check-out employees from a Job-site.  You can create these job-sites one by one or by bulk uploading multiple job sites at once.  Here is how:

Creating Job-sites one at a time

Check out this quick video: 

Creating Job-sites one at a time illustration:  

Here is how to setup (illustrated in the screen above)

  1. Navigate to Customers  & Tasks under the Main menu  - this will list all the sites present on your account (for the first time users the list will be empty). 

  2. Click on 'Add Customer' button to create both your job-site. 

  3. Enter a name for the site under field 'Customer Site'  the below example shows a name 'PickUp Site'.  Select the Postal Address and enter the physical address of the location in the field below.

  4. Click on 'Add' button.  This new zone will be listed under the 'Customer sites' (as seen in the screen above).

Once addresses are successfully added the system will create a 'geofence' around the provided address.   And you can edit this 'geofence;' by selecting the zone and clicking on the 'Edit' button.  Learn more here:  

Tip:  The default radius is set to about 100 meters (recommended) if the radius is small the chances or missing check-in's (or having multiples) become higher.


Uploading Job-sites (bulk):

Please download the job-site .csv template from here.  You can use this template to upload your customer job sites into the system. In this template you will notice 3 columns, 'name' 'address' and siteID (optional).  You will need to add customer sites to this template.

Here is how:

  1. Column1: Under the column 'name' enter the name of the customer site (example) 'Abaqus office'

  2. Column2: Under the 'address' input the address starting from the line 1 including the zip code. example: 530 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA

  3. Column3: 'siteID' this is an (optional field) you can input any additional identification for the site

  4. Column4: 'radius' (optional field) is the radius of the job-site zone, you can input the value is 'feet' if you leave this to be 'blank' it will default to 328 feet (100 meters).  Generally, if the radius is too small, the chances are missing the site is greater

  5. Column5: 'groupID' (optional field) - You can restrict automatic 'clock in/ clock out' from this job-site to only a few phones (grouped) assigned to this work site by adding their 'group ID', (learn how to create groups)

Once your template is ready, you can upload it into the system.  Here is how:

Click on the Job Zones menu (on your left), scroll down to find 'File Upload', hit 'browse' button to select the file (on your computer drive) and hit upload and map the field(s) if needed. 

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