Once the job-site address is added the system will create a 'Geofence' around the provided that address.  And you can edit this 'Geofence' by selecting this job-site and clicking on the 'Edit' button (from customers & tasks page).  This will open the General Settings page (as seen below)

Click on the 'Edit Geozone' button

 This will open up the Edit Geozone Page (image showing a point-radius geozone)

Above screen shows the Geozone edit window showing a sample location with a point-radius Geozone. Using the map zoom controls, you can pinpoint the location of interest where you would like to center your Geozone. When the cursor is centered over the ideal location, there will be a Latitude/Longitude reading of that location right under the Cursor Location label (red arrow). The center of the Geozone will be indicated in the selected Latitude/Longitude row (yellow arrow). You can move the center of the Geozone by clicking and dragging the zone area of the Geozone with your mouse.

Next you need the radius for the Geozone, and in this case, we've chosen 2350 meters. The radius can be changed by dragging the “radius pushpin” to the required GeoZone size. If any field values are manually changed, we need to click the Reset Map button (blue arrow) to update the Geozone and map on the screen. At this point, you'll see the Geozone display as a Blue circle (as shown above), centered on the Latitude/Longitude coordinate you specified and with your defined radius. Before finishing the edit function, make sure to give your Geozone a text description in the field at the upper right-hand corner of the edit window (green arrow). This description will be used as the custom reverse-geocoded address when vehicle is inside this Geozone.

** For a Polygon Geozone, you will need to select the type (Geozone type) when you first create a site and then edit it to add polygon points.

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