Connecting Deel with Allgeo

This article contains an overview of allGeo integration with Deel

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Deel is a global payroll and compliance software that helps companies with international payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.

allGeo offers enterprise customers a one-stop-platform for Scheduling, Monitoring while providing their field employees with tools for messaging, field data collection and reporting.

Use AllGeo's integration with Deel to add more capabilities and provide an added value to your customers.

In this help article, we’ll cover:

A. Connecting Deel to Allgeo

Let us cover the steps to be followed:

After successfully logging in to your allGeo account.

1. Click on "Company"

2. Click on "Connectors" and then click on "deel. | SIGN IN"

3. You’ll be redirected to Deel to authorize the connection.

You can sign in through either-

  • Login using Google


  • Registered Email & password

4. Due to Deel’s authorization requirements, you will be presented with consent screen.

5. Click on Allow.

6. Your Allgeo account will now be connected to Deel.

On successfully logging in you will see the screen below in a new window while clicking the Deel integration:

B. Syncing Deel Worker Profiles

  1. Open the Deel integration page.

  2. Click on "Contractors"

  3. The list of members available to sync are auto populated in the tab

  4. Select the members from the table view to import.

  5. Click on "Save Workers" to automatically sync all the members with the relevant details with Allgeo.

  6. All the added members can be viewed in the Company-Employees page.

C. Exporting data from Allgeo to Deel

  1. Open the Deel integration page.

  2. Click on "Timesheets"

  3. Select the devices that you want to export, the start and end dates.

  4. Click on Action options to either see the timesheets or export the timesheets.

  5. Click on "Submit" to successfully export the timesheet to Deel.

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